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Possible charges following controlled burn in Jackson

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Some excitement in Jackson on Saturday night after a controlled burn on Sherman Road and Jackson Drive went a bit kerplooey.


Jackson Battalion Chief Kurt Kruepke said a man was burning pallets and trees and whatnot. “He informed the Sheriff’s Department and the Jackson Fire Department about it but he didn’t inform us of his intentions to start it the way he did,” said Kruepke.


“He had some sort of accelerant in there to make it go off the way it did,” Kruepke said. “It sounded like maybe some fireworks or something but we’re not exactly sure what he had in there to make it go KABOOM.”


Neighbors in the vicinity of Sherman Road and Jackson Drive claim to have heard a noticeable explosion right around 9 p.m.  Neighbors in West Bend said their homes shook.


Kruepke said nobody was injured and it’ll be up to the Sheriff’s to determine if charges will be filed.


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