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Progress slow on new Pizza Hut location in WB

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Received an update from the Wisconsin Hospitality Group regarding the latest on Pizza Hut in West Bend and there’s not much more information than last we spoke. “We are planning on rebuilding in West Bend in the near future,” said Denise Harris, director of marketing WHG. “Our exact plans and location have not been finalized.”

Pizza Hut closed its store, 1610 W. Washington St., on Feb. 1. Harris said at the time, “It is a priority for the company to rebuild in the West Bend area before the end of 2016 and possibly open one of the new Pizza Hut restaurant concepts, which has been very well received in other communities. Company development managers are actively searching properties in the area, but have not yet selected a final site”

While Harris provided limited details a search of ‘new restaurant concepts’ showed Pizza Hut was looking into “selling pizza by the slice” and “include the addition of fresh ingredients.”

A couple of different looks to site locations across the country included a 30-seat restaurant in Rhode Island and an 80-seat Pizza Hut in Pennsylvania.

Local real estate brokers said they have not heard of a new location for Pizza Hut but said “everything seems to be attracted to the south end of town on Paradise Drive.”

Incoming stores including Kwik Trip and Meijer, with satellite stores possible around Meijer grocery.

Early word is the city has reached out to Chick-fil-A, an American fast food restaurant chain specializing in chicken sandwiches.

Photos courtesy Winsight LLC

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