Railroad crossing repairs in Allenton pushed to priority status | By Ron Naab

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October 22, 2019 – Allenton, WI – Jacqueline Macewicz, Canadian Nation Railroad Manager of Public Works for Minnesota and Wisconsin, has announced the railroad crossing of WI-33 in Allenton is scheduled for a major upgrade repair.

Railroad crossing on Hwy 33 in Allenton

WI 33 will be closed in Allenton from Monday, October 28 through Friday, November 1.

The town of Addison and Washington County Highway Department have received numerous complaints about the crossing being very hazardous to cross and the noise it made when crossed.

This is crossing was repaired in 2014 but Canadian National had to make repairs.

According to Macewicz the work will include a complete removal of the base material, the ties and rails along with the road approach on both sides of the track.  Railroads own and are responsible for 50 feet on each side a railroad track.

Macewicz said budgets were cut for crossing repairs, as this crossing was originally scheduled to be completed in August.  She was able to convince her superiors that due to the number of complaints over a long period of time, this project is to be done this year.

Washington County Highway Commissioner Scott Schmidt said the detour will follow I-41 south to County Road K, to WI-175 to County Road W.

Schmidt said the Wisconsin Department of Transportation is contemplating doing a resurface of the road approaches.


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