Recovery underway for Luc and the Olla family | By Fay Olla

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June 9, 2019 – Kewaskum, WI – The Olla family of Kewaskum has been posting updates following an accident at the end of May involving five of their boys.

Three of the brothers in the accident have been released from the hospital and Luciano is making strides toward recovery. Below is an update from mother Fay Olla.

Olla family

Latest update:

All of the kids came to the hospital to visit today. It isn’t easy to be all together without Val— and only have a shadow of Luc with us right now. We continue to hold onto hope and pray for Luc’s full healing and recovery.

Since the last update there has been some good steps forward. Yesterday afternoon we moved out of the ICU and up to the neurosciences floor at Children’s. Luc sleeps quite a bit still.
His list of meds continues to decrease and they are working on weaning him from the heavy pain meds. The main goal now is rehab.
Despite his sleepiness, the therapists have already begun to work him hard. He has sat in his wheelchair two times now and has shown us little glimpses of himself in the last few days— like when he leaned forward and kissed Francesca on the lips.
Or when he started mouthing the words to a Led Zeppelin song that we played for him. He said ‘Hi’ to Avalon this afternoon.
Each little glimpse of our Luci gives us hope in this storm. Sometimes it is difficult to see his blank stares and we wonder if he will ever be the Luc we once knew— but we know and trust our Father in Heaven is in control and has the best plan for our Luc.
And we are comforted in knowing how many people continue to pray for his full recovery. Once again, we cannot even begin to express our gratitude for all of your prayers, love , and support.
The Ollas

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