Seventh grader charged with Disorderly Conduct

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West Bend Police

On Monday, October 3, 2016 a West Bend 7th grade female student at Badger Middle School represented herself as a clown and sent a number of messages to at least six different classmates.


In the messages the “clown” told the students where they lived and went to school. The messages included statements “If you see a red balloon just know I was there”, and questions like “do you want to play?”


The messages alarmed and disturbed the students. A father of one of the students receiving the messages was particularly alarmed because of the news regarding clowns throughout the country. The father then contacted police.


On Tuesday morning a number of students that received these messages notified school officials. In addition, numerous other students spread rumors regarding the “clown.”


This further disrupted the school day and learning environment at Badger Middle School and other West Bend schools.


The West Bend Police Department and West Bend School officials worked together to identify the 12 year old, 7th grade student. On Tuesday, October 4, 2016 West Bend Police took the 12-year-old girl into custody for Disorderly Conduct.


The girl admitted sending the messages and stated she did so as a joke. Though she now realizes the messages scared a number of classmates, the girl stated that was not her intent. The girl was released to her parents and a charge of Disorderly Conduct was referred to juvenile authorities.


Because of this incident and the many clown-related incidents occurring throughout the country, we ask all parents to discuss this matter with their children and to monitor their children’s social media.

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