Sex offender will not be placed in Town of Erin

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Jan. 4, 2017 – Town of Erin, WI -The following statement is from Washington County Sheriff Dale Schmidt regarding placement of convicted sex offender Terry Olson. For the past month the state Department of Health Services was set on placing “a serious child sex offender” in an area that neighbors felt was threatening to the community and too close to the elementary school.

Today, Sheriff Schmidt issued the statement below.

On Jan. 4, the Washington County Sheriff’s Office contacted the WI Dept of Health Services to check the status of the placement of Mr. Terry Olson. A DHS representative advised that the Department will be notifying the Court that since the property on Terry Road in the Town of Erin is no longer for sale, it is not an option for the placement.

In this placement process, I do not believe there is a mechanism for official notification, by the DHS, that a property is no longer being considered.

There is only notification when a court orders placement at a particular place.  Based on the information today however, I believe with reasonable certainty that the Terry Road property is no longer an option.  It appears, that if and when Mr. Olson is released, it will be somewhere else as ordered by the Court.




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