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Sharing a positive post about a couple young men in West Bend Courtesy Laura Wagner

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Feb. 12, 2017 – West Bend, WI – Shared a post courtesy Laura Wagner.

Great job Son! This was posted on a West Bend site. Isaac Wagner and Taylor Rennicke

I saw the most heartwarming thing today.
A young girl was becoming upset at the McD’s on Main Street, because she wanted to go play without finishing her food. As soon as she started getting loud she was told by an older lady at her table “No one wants to hear you, just take a bite and get it over with. Get a life.”

Along with many other non-motivational statements.

A table across the way struck up nice conversation with the young girl relating to having the same feelings at her age. Then a young man in the blue jacket got up and knelt next to the girl and talked her calmly into agreeing to eating her food and lifted her spirits.


If either of these two young men in the photo are your children you should be SO proud of them!

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