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Stolen vehicle from Dodge Co. found in Milw.

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As of 10:23 p.m., Wednesday December 30, 2015 the stolen vehicle in the Safe Ride Ron case has been located in the city of Milwaukee and taken to a secure facility.

The Dodge County Sheriff’s Office is still looking to speak to the person of interest and seeking any other information on this case. No additional information is available at this time.
This is the case where Ronald Gafner, also known as Safe Ride Ron, picked up Brian Krieger from Tower Lanes to give him a ride home. Krieger had a number of issues so Gafner offered to take him home and let Krieger sleep on his couch. When Gafner got up the next morning Krieger was gone and so was Gafner’s TV and his vehicle.
The “person of interest” sought by the Sheriff could possibly be Krieger.


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