Strong testimonial from West Bend business owner

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Hi Judy,
I really enjoy reading your posts and your FB page giving people a voice to share and discuss what’s happening in our community.   Thanks for providing a place to go to read about local happenings.


The news is usually so focused on what’s not working in our community or state or world, that it feels overwhelming and depressing.


Trying to balance running a business and a family for over a decade now, I have found that surrounding myself with positive people, “doers”, is very important.


They aren’t folks looking for recognition, but rather for ways to make our community a better place to live, play, eat, and shop.  I often wish I could shout this out to the world after working on a successful fundraiser or getting oodles of positive things accomplished at one of our bi-weekly Diva meetings.



There is so much good happening in Washington County!

Carrie Schaub
West Bend

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