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Student with facsimile firearm taken into police custody

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West Bend police have one person in custody in connection with a facsimile firearm brought to the West Bend High Schools.



Superintendent Ted Neitzke said, “There was a student who brought a facsimile firearm to school today and we worked with the West Bend police department and the student is facing disciplinary measures at school and was taken into police custody.”



High School Principal Bill Greymont sent a letter home to parents.  “We wanted parents to reinforce with their students that they make good choices and they report instances like this and that we work to keep kids safe,” Neitzke said.



A parent reportedly heard from their child about the student with the facsimile firearm. That parent notified administrators in the district.


“We investigated after it was reported to us,” Neitzke said.  “This kid wasn’t waiving it around or using it in a threatening manner. He had it on his person and showed it to a few people during the day and that’s how we found out about it.”


This is not the first time an incident like this has occurred in the West Bend School District.

Neitzke said he recalled an incident at the middle school with a pellet gun and students have had unsecured weapons in their vehicles in the school parking lot from hunting “but nothing major” according to Neitzke.


West Bend police confirmed they spoke with a student today.


The letter sent to the parents is posted below.


Dear Families,

You are receiving this letter today to inform you of an incident that occurred today at the West Bend high schools. I received a call informing me of a possible weapon on school grounds. Once aware of the situation, the School Liaison Officers were immediately notified and began to support me in the investigation.  Through the investigation, a facsimile firearm was found. The appropriate disciplinary action is being taken with the student involved.

At West Bend East and West high school, we are committed to sharing these types of incidents with you as the safety of our students and staff is always a top priority. I want to assure you that we are taking this issue very seriously.

Occurrences such as this shed light on the critical importance of having an open dialogue with your children regarding safety. Please take a moment to speak with your son/daughter about the need to inform an adult anytime they witness a questionable situation.  Please reinforce the vital role your son/daughter has in keeping our school safe.  We also strongly encourage you to make sure that your children do not have access to unsecured weapons and to remind them that if they bring one to school, facsimile or real, they will face serious disciplinary consequences.  When a child brings a weapon, facsimile or real, to school, it is serious, regardless of intentions, and we must comply with the law and all School District policies.

We are asking for your assistance in keeping all of our students and staff safe.  The guidance and direction you provide as a parent/guardian is absolutely critical as we work together to maintain a safe and healthy learning environment.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at 262-335-5532.


Mr. William A. Greymont, Jr.

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