Submit your Reliever Route statements. “Additional trucks will only increase the potential for more serious accidents,” said Ron Naab

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Feb. 6, 2017 – Hartford, WI – On Jan. 31 there were 250 people who showed up to a public meeting at Hartford Town Hall to comment on the proposed STH 60 Reliever Route.  The county is looking to implement an alternate route running north of the City of Hartford to I-41 as a way to relieve congestion on State Trunk Highway 60.

A majority of those in attendance at the meeting were a little miffed when the “public comment” format was actually one-on-one conversations with representatives from the engineering firm or county officials. Many thought the format would be similar to a “public listening session.”

Those in attendance were also instructions they could file comments electronically. will print those comments. They can be submitted to [email protected]

Below is a comment submitted by Ron Naab of Allenton.

I believe that this proposed route would be extremely detrimental to Allenton Area. Following are some of those concerns I have:
1. This proposed route has to potential of destroying landmark and historical buildings in St. Lawrence
2. The intersection of County Road K and Wisconsin Highway 175 is extremely difficult to travel through at this time.
i. The less than 90 degree meeting of the two roads
ii. Building being built up to the road right away
iii. The amount of traffic at the present time makes this intersection already dangerous.
iv. It has been observed that trucks making turns onto WI-175 from C.R. K have to cross over into oncoming traffic.
v. The same is true for traffic traversing from WI-175 onto C.R. K
3. The comment has been made that this proposed route would only disturb farm land. This farm land is needed for the agricultural industry in the area to survive. You are not only going to take land for the road, you will also disrupt fields that will cause my farmers to cross/travel on these roads.
4. We have dairy farms in the area of this “Reliever Route” that have spent MILLIONS of dollars to improve their operation. This “Reliever Route” will stymie their operation if not reverse all the progress they have made to grow.
5. The Turtle Road consideration for part of the route is built in a Peat Bog Swamp. This road is very narrow and unstable with the present day traffic.
6. Not addressing the narrow road way of C.R. K will provide for additional hazards.
7. At the present time there is a fair amount of truck and car traffic on C.R. K adding additional trucks will only increase the potential for more serious accidents.
8. There apparently has been NO consideration for the pedestrian crossing at St. Lawrence Church from the parking lot on the north side of C.R. K
9. Apparently there has been NO consideration of the parking impact this road will have for the businesses in the area of the C.R. K and WI—175.
10. The impact on the county budget would be very detrimental to all of us that live in this county. For the past number of years you have reduced the levy. You have cut expenses and personnel to keep my taxes in check. With the consideration of this project costing $23,900,000.00, my question to you is, where do we find the money?
11. I believe that there is a better route available within the city of Hartford, who will directly benefit from this proposed reliever route. Hartford created this problem by annexing the industrial park in Dodge County with never considering the impact of traffic going to and from this area. Then the city allowed Walmart to build out this area. The end result has caused many businesses on the east side of town to close.
12. By allowing the city of Hartford to expand to the north will allow them to dictate to the towns of Hartford and Addison what they can and cannot do within their townships. What will be next, hindering the growth of farms in the area because the housing subdivisions and industrial park tenants don’t like the slow-moving farm equipment or the odors.


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