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The Osprey Hath Returneth!

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It looks like the mighty osprey will have the best seat in the house this season for the unveiling of the new Silver Lining Ampitheater at the Washington County Fair. A heap of sticks in the form of a nest can be seen atop the U.S. Cellular tower overlooking the Fair Park.
Osprey have been making a nest there since 2011. A neighbor called in an eagle sighting about a week ago. There was a bald eagle spotted in March on the side of Highway 45 just a stone’s throw from the Eisenbahn State Trail about 2 miles north of County Highway D.
Most likely the bird in the nest will be an osprey. Give a shout or chime in if you see something.

Next year we should work with U.S. Cellular and put a camera up there. ‘What a marvelous idea,’ said everyone.

Photo courtesy Greg Lofy from Action Sports Photography


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