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VIDEO | Washington Co. Board votes on creating office of elected County Executive

June 12, 2019 – After nearly two hours of discussion the Washington County Board voted 13-13 and defeated a resolution to change the form of government to an elected county executive, rather than an appointed county administrator. A tie vote results in failure of the motion.

13-13 vote against changing county government


Roger Kist
Chris Bossert
Mike Bassill
Denis Kelling
William Symicek
Tim Michalak
James Burg
John Bulawa
Mark McCune
Don Kriefall
Rock Brandner
Jeffrey Schleif
Carroll Merry
13-13 Washington County Board
Kris Deiss
Chris Jenkins
Frank Carr
Brian Krebs
Richard Bertram
Keith Stephen
Joseph Gonnering
Robert Hartwig
Marcella Bishop
Marilyn Merten
Russell Brandt
Brian Gallitz
Peter Sorce
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Part 2:

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