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VIDEO | Washington Co. Board votes on whether to hire another administrator

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August 9, 2018 – Washington Co., WI – The Washington County Board voted Wednesday night on whether to add a new Public Affairs Coordinator position. This would be a full-time administrative position with a Pay Grade of 13.

In real-people terms, “The position has an annual cost of approximately $78,200 (excluding health coverage which cannot be determined at this time).”

One amendment/footnote added to the ordinance by County Administrator Joshua Schoemann was that if by December 2020 this new position would fail to generate $400,000 or more in property tax levy savings or offsets then the position would be removed.

The vote was 19-5 in favor of the hire. There were two supervisors absent.

Those voting in favor of the hire included supervisors: Kristine Deiss, Roger Kist, Christopher Bossert, Chris Jenkins, Michael Bassill, Denis Kelling, Frank Carr, Brian Krebs, Michael Parsons, Russell Brandt, Timothy Michalak, James Burg, John Bulawa, Mark McCune, Donald Kriefall, Rock R. Brandner, Brian Gallitz, Peter Sorce, Jeffrey Schleif

Those voting against the hire included supervisors: Richard Bertram, Marilyn Merten, Joseph Gonnering, Robert Hartwig, and Marcella Bishop.

Below are some of the discussion highlights regarding the new administrative position.

Please see the attached Committee Report for the traditional history of this proposal.
Consistent with the feedback we received at last month’s “Branding Exercise” this proposal is both bold and innovative, leading the way for county government in Wisconsin. In addition, the proposal strives to be more proactive in achieving the County’s Mission of being a “collaborative leader”, and in pursuing the County’s “Well Governed and Administered County” Result, specifically the following Result

 “Seeks opportunities for collaboration and shared services with public and private partners.”
 “Fosters fiscal responsibility, sustainable services, operational excellence, trust and transparency by ensuring accountability, integrity, efficiency and innovation.”

This proposal reduces the total number of Full Time Equivalents (FTE’s) in Administration (3.5 to 3.0), while collaborating internally with the County Clerk to provide administrative support. Meanwhile, the addition of this position would slightly increase the expenses in the County Administrator’s Office, however, the intent of the position would be to ultimately generate new non-levy revenue and other costs savings for the County as a whole.

This proposal builds upon the outstanding work of former Administrative Assistant to the County Administrator Judy Steinert by expanding the County’s capabilities to foster relationships and partnerships throughout the County, Region, State and even the Nation.

The Executive Committee reviewed the ordinance request at their 19 July 2018 meeting and made the following
motion: Moved by Mr. Bulawa, seconded by Mr. Schleif to approve an ordinance eliminating one part-time Administrative Intern position and creating one full-time Public Affairs Coordinator position at Pay Grade 13, and forward to the County Board. Motion carried.

Assuming a September start date, the impact in 2018 would be approximately $26,000 and could be covered by savings from the eliminated positions. The position has an annual cost of approximately $78,200 (excluding health coverage which cannot be determined at this time).
 2018 Ordinance 3
 19 July 2018 Executive Committee Packet
Motion to approve 2018 Ordinance 3, amending the staffing plan for the Department of Administration to eliminate the Administrative Intern position and create one full time Public Affairs Coordinator position, Pay Grade 13.

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