Washington Co. Attorney is relieved of her duties

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Washington County

Nov. 15, 2016 – A unanimous decision today by the Washington County Executive Committee to enter into a separation agreement with Washington County Attorney Kim Nass.

The committee met in closed session for more than an hour. Once it reconvened the question was called and the decision was made final in less than two minutes.

Nass had been on an unconfirmed administrative leave since Oct. 20.

As per direction from the executive committee the county administrator Joshua Schoemann must provide a summary report to the full county board at the December 2016 meeting.

Schoemann said there are still several steps that have to be completed before this decision is finalized.

Questioned about Nass’s last day on the job Schoemann said that had yet to be determined.

Schoemann confirmed the county does have attorneys on staff however he acknowledged they do have a large workload.  He said the county will be exploring various options on how to fill the post moving forward.

County board chairman Rick Gundrum praised the staff in the county attorney’s office for the job they’ve been doing.  Gundrum refused to disclose the reason for the separation with Nass citing “closed session and a personnel matter.”

Former county board chairman Herb Tennies attended the committee meeting. He said Nass had always been professional while he was on the board. He praised her work with the county.

Nass was not in attendance at today’s meeting.

Nass, 49, started with the county in the early 1990s as an assistant to Washington County Judge Patrick Faragher.


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