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Washington Co. weekly update By Joshua Schoemann – Recount over and county loans $8.9 million in bond notes to Kewaskum School District

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wash county weekly update

·         Election Recount – The County Clerk staff and volunteers were able to complete the election recount process in four and a half days.  Over 78,000 ballots were hand counted with very little change in the results: Trump: +11, Clinton: -3 and Stein: -5 Thanks again to Brenda Jaszewski, the County Clerk staff and many volunteers for providing an efficient and timely election process! 

·         Well Washington County Breakfast – On Wednesday I attended the Celebration Breakfast for Well Washington County, a county-wide health coalition working with area partners to make an impact on the health needs in Washington County.  The organization has been together for a year and has made great strides in developing strategic plans and moving initiatives forward to improve the health of all of Washington County.  Special thanks to the many county employees and partners who were part of making this event so special!

·         EDWC Board Meeting – On Thursday I attended the December regular meeting as an EDWC Board Member.  The Board passed the 2017 budget and discussed the future of EDWC as the organization continues to grow and flourish!  Special thanks to Christian, Deb and Julie for their excellent work in 2016, helping to create an environment where prosperity and economic development are more likely!

·         Investment in Kewaskum School District – Washington County has entered into a partnership with the Kewaskum School District to purchase $8,900,000 worth of Bond Anticipation Notes (short term investment) to assist in financing their recent referendum.  The County will receive 1.15% interest from the investment when the notes have matured in six months.  This collaborative effort is a “win-win” for the citizens of the School District and Washington County.  In the coming days a press release will go out detailing the investment in more detail.  Meanwhile, we are thankful for the partnership and the projected $50,000 in increased revenue in 2017, rather than those dollars going to another municipality in another state!

·         Public Policy Forum Luncheon – On Thursday Chairman Gundrum, Matt Furno and I attended a luncheon at Potawatomi Hotel hosted by the Public Policy Forum entitled The State-Local Government Relationship in Wisconsin.  The discussion featured a panel of two legislators and two local chief elected officials who primarily discussed the financial constraints the State has placed on local governments and strategies to work through those constraints.  An extremely interesting component of the discussion was the presentation at the beginning given by Rob Henken, Executive Director of PPF.  In his presentation Rob shared the fiscal health of both the City of Milwaukee and Milwaukee County.  Attached you will find a copy of the presentation which draws critical parallels to our fiscal health in Washington County, and according to several other local county governments in attendance, to their fiscal health as well. Please take a moment to scan this document at your leisure!

·         Employee Appreciation Party – On Tuesday, I sent a personal invitations for the Employee Appreciation Party to all County employees (who are able to receive e-mail).  I truly hope that those who are able, will make an effort to attend this year.  Unfortunately, being a 24/7 organization there are a number of employees that are working during that timeframe. With the increase in attendance each year, we looked for a larger venue and decided on holding the event at Washington County Fair Park in the Ziegler Building.  Get on “Packet” and get your reservations in early!

Active Recruitments

  • CNA,  Dietary Aide, LPN, RN  – Samaritan
  • CLTS Case Manager, Intake Worker (After hours), Mental Health Specialist, Mental Health Technician, Psychiatric Social Worker-Therapist, Social Worker – Human Services Department 
  • Corrections Officer – Sheriff’s Department
  • Laborer/Operator/Patrolperson – Highway Department
  • Information Technician – Administration
  • Register in Probate – Clerk of Courts
  • Assistant Processing Attorney – District Attorney


·         Alexandria Mahl – Sheriff’s Department


·         Dustin Campbell, Child Support Specialist – County Attorney


·         Darlene Zieja, Samaritan Health Center – Retiring

CONGRATULATIONS to the following employees for their years of service at the County!!


Renae Zagel – Human Service’s Department


Mary Zorn – District Attorney

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