Washington County mountain bike team turns in strong performance | By Julie Willmas

Sept. 11, 2017 – West Bend, WI – The high school / middle school mountain bike season started July 1 and the Wisconsin mountain bikers have been training hard.

Today was their first race and they did awesome.  The weather was perfect for the riders and fans.  The race was at Minooka Park in Waukesha with 473 athletes this year, 150 more than last year.

The local Washington County Composite team did a great job.  Here are the results….

Medalists for their age group.
Hunter Schmitt (Kewaskum)-3rd place 1:04.37
Skyler Schmitt (Kewaskum)- 5th place 48:10
Kendra Schmitt (Kewaskum)- 3rd place 29:52
Anja Lanser (West Bend)- 4th place 31:52
Top 10 in their age group…
Ethan Janssen (Mayville) 6th 47:20
Fiona Shaw (West Bend) 7th 35:22
Jan Lanser (West Bend) 6th 25:13
Other team athletes…
Spencer Parkinson (Richfield) 18th 51:00
Tanner Schultz (West Bend) 34th 1:04.46
Tommy Spangenberg (West Bend) 50th 1:30.25
Quentin Willmas (West Bend) 25th 30:01
Nick Vogel (West Bend) 52nd 43:14
Thomas Matsunaga (West Bend) 56th 47:08
Sawyer Bussey (Slinger) 16th 26:55
Mikey Spangenberg (West Bend) 22nd 27:55
Story and photos by team manager Julie Willmas

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