Washington County weekly update by Josh Schoemann

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General Updates

  • Elections – By now I trust that everyone is up to speed on the results of the County Elections.  According to the County Clerk this was one of the highest turnouts for an April election that she has seen.  If you’re interested in the summarized or detailed results, you can find those via the following link: http://www.co.washington.wi.us/departments.iml?Detail=263
  • Supervisor One on One Meetings – In keeping with the tradition created in 2014 I am conducting a new round of one-on-one meetings with all of the County Board Supervisors who will be part of the 2016 – 2018 session.  Last I checked it looked like most everyone had a time scheduled with Judy for us to meet, but if you haven’t done so yet, please work with Judy to secure a time.  These meetings are very beneficial in setting the course for the coming session, as well as helping to learn lessons from the past session.  Please contact Judy Steinert, [email protected], for more information.
  • Fair Park Stage –  If you’ve driven past the Fair Park recently you may have seen that there is some movement occurring out at the new stage location.  In a bi-weekly update meeting this week we were informed that some of the earth work and other preliminary work would likely be starting in the coming days.  Despite the previously reported delays early on we are still on time for the June 15 substantial completion deadline.  As such, a month from now we should be seeing steel erected and the skeleton of the final product beginning to take shape. Very Exciting!!!
  • New Supervisor Orientation – Please be advised that on Monday, April 11 at 9am we will be having a “just shy of mandatory” orientation session for all newly elected and re-elected County Board Supervisors.  The session will cover processes and procedures that will be employed at the April 19 meeting of the County Board, specifically focusing on the election of Executive Committee/Standing Committee Chairpersons.  Please stay tuned for additional information in the coming days.
  • IS Ad Hoc Committee – This work group continues to make important progress with the repositioning of our IS Division.  This week we met, and the committee set direction that any new software RFP’s should include proposals for Sequel server based platforms, as well as cloud based platforms.  While the committee affirmed that the County is not yet in a position to take on major software programs which are cloud based, they strongly believe that we need to posture the organization to be able to adapt to this new and growing way of program delivery. Additionally, at this meeting the committee reaffirmed the County’s ongoing investment in Citrix based computing, consistent with the committee’s #1 identified goal of Security.  Another meeting is scheduled in a couple of weeks to begin solving funding and budgeting challenges.
  • UW Campus Administrator – On Wednesday I had the chance to have lunch with the new Administrator for UW-Washington County Courtney O’Connell, as well as the Regional Dean Jackie Joseph-Silverstein. We had a very productive discussion about the in’s and out’s of Washington County and how we might work together to continue the positive relationship between Washington County and UWWC.
  • West Bend Schools Superintendent Search – On Thursday I had the opportunity to be one of a few dozen individuals to interact with the recruiting firm that is doing the search for the next Superintendent of the West Bend School District.  The meeting was an excellent opportunity to continue to build relationships with the school district, and a number of citizens of our county.  The consensus was a high degree of pride in the community and the district, with high hopes for a candidate who will continue and expand the great number of positive partnerships that the district has throughout the community.



·         Tasha Hoadley (Clerical Pool) – Human Resources

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