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WBHS Orchestra teacher leaving for Michigan

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West Bend High School orchestra teacher Josh Zallar is leaving the district. Zallar, a graduate of the Milwaukee High School of the Arts, has been in the district since 2011.


Starting his career at Silverbrook Middle School, Zallar began working on a part-time basis at both the high school and Silverbrook in 2012.


Zaller is leaving to be closer to his in laws in Michigan. He said telling his students was the hardest thing.


“I feel really sad about leaving because I love the kids and the community and the parents and I thought we built a pretty good orchestra program,” he said.  “Some of these kids I’ve known for five years; I just told them to keep playing.”


Zallar, 31,  will be teaching in a smaller community but with an orchestra that’s just as big.


“I worked to provide big opportunities for the students,” he said. “We started a chamber music program and we played with a couple of rock bands, so we just tried to think big and get the kids excited.”


Zallar praised the support of the district and Superintendent Ted Neitzke.


The WBHS orchestra will have a concert on Monday, May 23.

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