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West Bend Police Media Briefs

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1600 Block of South Main Street
On 07/01/16, at 1:30 PM, a concerned customer reported a 33-year-old Sussex man was in the business persistently speaking and acting inappropriately toward a female employee. The man was located at the business and arrested for disorderly conduct and bail jumping, as he was currently out of jail on bail.

1600 Block of West Washington Street
On 06/23/16, at 4:18 PM, an employee reported that an 18-year-old West Bend man entered the business, selected a pellet gun rifle from a shelf, removed the pellet rifle from the packaging and concealed the pellet rifle down his pants before leaving the business. The investigation determined that a 21-year-old West Bend also assisted the 18-year-old but acting as his lookout during the theft. Both men were arrested for retail theft.

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