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VIDEO | Hidden message found at Regner Park bath house in West Bend, WI

West Bend, WI – A search is underway for the former lifeguards who etched a message in the brickwork of the fireplace at the Regner Park bath house. According to site supervisor Bruce Wenninger, the writing dates to September 1, 1976.

“On this day in the year of our Lord,” reads Wenninger. “5 RB lifeguards hereby bid farewell to Regner Park.
“They put their initials in here and then carved their names,” said Wenninger. “It may have been the last year for the lifeguards when they were here in 9-1-76.”

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Wenninger manages to make out the name Greg O’Meara. The others were simply first names like Terry, Dan, Dave, and initials GS and RB.
Below is some insight from Kerry Roskopf.
 City Park dates to around 1935 and the bath house to 1940ish.  In a video of a photo from the 1960s Judge Andrew Gonring spotted open dressing rooms at the park’s bath house.
bath house, Regner
In the video Wenninger walks through the renovated section of the bath house, pointing out old building markers, former concession areas, and he even identifies an old window location on the exterior south wall.
“The original part was built in 1934,” he said. “We didn’t find anything between the walls but did come across a couple old foundations.”

Regner Park pond, swimming

If any of the old lifeguards from 1976 are around, please feel free to add to the story.

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