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Hartford weekly update by Steve Volkert

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Administrators Update: The housing survey we sent out last week has started to see responses. To date we have 150 responses. The survey will be closed in mid-May.

Power Outages on 3/16/16: During the wind storm on Wednesday, we had two outages at lunch time. First one at the intersection of N. Main and E. Wisconsin Ave…..caused by geese flying or getting blown into the power lines. Repair time was approximately one hour.

Second outage was on East Ave. near Loos Street as a tree was blown down…knocking the lines down. Repairs were completed in about an hour.


Paperless Council Meetings: Just a reminder: our IT department is once again reviewing their budget for updating council tablets/laptops. In the new council cycle, we will be updating those that need it in May. If you do not need to have your laptop/tablet updated or if you use your personal device, please let me know. Any devices we don’t have to buy will save on our 2016 budget. We had budgeted for 10” Android tablets with keyboards for 2016.

Hwy 83 DOT project Update: Roughly 35 people attended the public meeting on the construction project on Monday night at First National Bank. The DOT reported that detour signs will start going up March 28 with actual road closings starting April 4. The project is expected to get completed in late October. There will be monthly public meetings on the progress. AT&T is doing some roadside work this week in the project area.

Water Main Breaks for the Year: To date, we have experienced only six water main breaks. On average, we will see 11 per year. More could happen again in the peak of summer heat.

Water and Electric Utility seeing healthy increase in ROI: The early numbers for 2015 show that the water utility return on investment went up a half percent to 4.34% while electric when up to 4.6%. These numbers put us closer to what is expected of these utilities.

Quad Graphics holding Open House: Quad Graphics is holding a public open house on May 3rd from 3-6 PM at their Hartford plant. Everyone is invited to attend.

Wacker Drive railroad crossing getting warning devices: Wisconsin and Southern Railroad petitioned with the Commissioner of Railroads and received approval to install warning devices/gates at the Wacker Drive crossing. The new gates will be added to the cantilevered flashing light signals by December 31, 2018.

Hartford Cable TV wins Midwest awards: The Hartford Cable TV won three Excellence Awards in the Best of the Midwest Media Fest 2016. Rachel Womack’s three presentations on the Soo Line, Hartford Police K-9 Officer Cash and WI State Law Enforcement Explorers Conference all won awards. Congratulations to HCTV

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