Hartford weekly update of administrative issues

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Administrators Update: Monday night I spoke to one of the Hartford Lions groups on projects the City is working on. Major questions came on the Hwy 60 reliever route and downtown parking with the possibility of the new hotel project.

Power Outage on 3/24/16: Due to the ice storm on Thursday, we had a minor power outage near Main Street that effected a small group of properties. The power was restored within 30 minutes.

Public Works reaches out to private owners of Ash trees: The public works department is starting to reach out to private owners of Ash trees which have been infiltrated with the Emerald Ash Borer. Residents with effected trees are urged to work with neighbors on obtaining private tree removal services to get quantity discounts.

Absentee/Early Voting Starts: Absentee voting for the Spring election started. It will continue until April 1 at 4:15 PM. A steady crowd has been observed for early turnout.

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