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Help the Gingerbread House find a home for 2019 | By Emily Greene

West Bend, WI – The Gingerbread House is a holiday gift giving program for residents of Washington County, sponsored by The Youth and Family Project, Inc.  Each year the Gingerbread House serves approximately 400 families in need of support to ensure that all children may experience the magic of the holiday season.


Youth and Family Project Gingerbread House

Families who have been referred to the Gingerbread House come to community locations each year to sign up for the program and complete wish lists for the entire family.  In order to coordinate and organize the exchange of gifts for 400 families, The Youth and Family Project requires a large donated space within the community.

On average, the Gingerbread House serves approximately 1,600 individuals and we work to have 3 gifts for each family members. The location will need adequate space to organize approximately 4,800 gifts. This space will also house the “General Store,” a place where Gingerbread House families may shop for clothing, household, and basic needs items at no charge while picking up their holiday gifts.


Each year the Gingerbread House secures a donated space of approximately 6,000-10,000 square feet. Space is requested as soon as possible through early-mid January to allow enough time for set-up, program operation, and clean-up, but we can be flexible in timing as well. The Gingerbread House is in urgent need of a location to facilitate the exchange of gifts this year. If anyone is aware of a property owner who would be willing to allow The Youth and Family Project, Inc. to utilize a vacant space, please reach out to Emily Greene by email at [email protected].


About The Youth and Family Project, Inc.

The Youth and Family Project, Inc., founded in 1975, is a private, non-profit agency serving both Washington and Waukesha Counties. Staff and volunteers are dedicated to providing a variety of support, education and counseling services, aimed at reuniting the family divided by crisis and enriching family relationships. It is the mission of The Youth and Family Project, Inc. to provide support, guidance, and understanding to help people in need realize their individual goals of independence and personal well-being, and achieve a safe, stable living environment. The agency strives to support its mission and purpose through a basic, yet essential philosophy of: “Meeting People Where They’re At and Greeting Them with Hope”. For more information, visit http://youthandfamilyproject.org/

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