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Holy Angels students of the month

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Holy Angels student of the Month February, 2016

6th – Isaac Fichtner

Isaac is a hard-working student who impresses his teachers with his effort, interest and creativity. He can be counted on to participate in class discussions and contribute positively to group activities. In addition, he is a very good athlete. Isaac is a friendly person with a good attitude, liked by his peers because he makes an effort to put others first. He enjoys playing basketball and reading fantasy books.
7th – Elizabeth Meurer

Ellie is a wonderful student with great study habits. She cares about getting things right and making her work look good. She is a very good writer. Teachers appreciate her sense of responsibility. They know they can count on her when something needs to be done. She is a trusted patrol in the afternoons and server at Mass. She enjoys hanging out with friends, and spending time outside, as well as playing sports.
8th – Katelyn Matenaer

Katelyn is a mature kid who is described as a hard-worker. She exhibits confidence as well as a willingness to try new things. She participates strongly in class, and shows that she will keep working at something until she gets it. Katelyn is a good basketball player and loves sports, playing for the West Bend Nitro softball team. She works as a patrol and is a server for Mass.

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