Interfaith Caregivers of Washington County soldiers forward in time of need


Washington Co., WI – Interfaith Caregivers of Washington County is taking every precaution during this sensitive time. It is also buckling down and moving forward with its mission during this critical time.

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Covid–19: Guidelines for Interfaith Transportation Service

• Medically Critical appointments (Ex. Dialysis, Cancer Treatment) – WILL continue at this time.

• All NEW Non-Critical appointments – transportation suspended until April 10 (dentist, chiropractor, vision)

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• Currently Scheduled Non-Critical appointments – Client should call provider to determine if the appointment is necessary/critical or can be rescheduled after April 10.

• Food Pantry – All rides to the food pantry will be suspended until April 10. Instead, the food pantry will box food and we will deliver to their door if needed – otherwise reschedule for next month.

• 1022 Club – All rides to the 1022 Club are suspended until April 10.

• YMCA –  All rides to the YMCA are suspended until April 10.

Interfaith will re-evaluate transportation services that are suspended until April 10 as we get closer to that date.

Please note Interfaith Caregivers of Washington County is doing everything possible to fill the needs to CRITICAL medical appointments at this time.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Interfaith Caregivers

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