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Letter to the Editor: Attention Washington County Taxpayers entire $20 million reliever route to be paid by you. By Elaine Gehring

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Reliever route

Dec. 2, 2016 – St. Lawrence, WI – Attention:  Washington County Taxpayers: The issue of a truck reliever route for Highway 60 is once again being considered by the Washington County Board.  This topic was first discussed in 1977 – 39 years ago!


The “new” proposed northern reliever route will take truck traffic off of Highway 60, a state road that has been significantly improved over the past years, and move the traffic north along Hwy 41 onto Hwy K, a two-lane county road.  According to SEWRPC, the anticipated cost of developing this “new” reliever route is $20 million, which will be paid entirely by the taxpayers of Washington County; there is no state funding available for this project.


Pressure on the county to develop this route is coming from businesses located on the west side of Hartford, and this northern reliever route is intended to improve access for trucks to these businesses.  However, the facts of the issue remain as follows:


  • a recent SEWRPC study identified that 75%-85% of the trucks from the two largest freight haulers travel to/from the south… but the new northern reliever route causes trucks to travel approximately 4 miles farther north from the Hwy 41/Hwy 60 exit to access Hwy K
  • multiple large trucking companies consistently report that they will not use the proposed reliever route because of the additional miles and travel time


The full length of the anticipated route is lined with working dairy operations and farmland that will be negatively impacted in a variety of ways:


  • acreage will be lost in every field along the route
  • miles of additional, new roadway will be built through valuable farmland
  • disruption to wetlands will potentially cause changes in water flowage and drainage patterns
  • declines in field productivity and farm efficiency resulting from divided fields


There are also multiple safety concerns with the proposed northern route:


  • the route is and will continue to be used by farmers with tractors and large, slow-moving machinery
  • the northbound Hwy 41 exit for trucks onto Hwy K (exit #68) is approximately 100 feet from Indian Drive, the road that leads to Addison Elementary School with 8 daily school bus routes and considerable additional school traffic
  • the proposed route includes many school bus stops for two school districts


Do Washington County taxpayers want their valuable tax dollars spent on this $20 million project?  Washington County taxpayers should urge their supervisors to vote NO to the Hwy 60 reliever route.  A listing of county supervisors and their contact information is available at:  http://www.co.washington.wi.us/departments.


Additional information is available at: norelieverroute.com or facebook.com/norelieverroute


Elaine Gehring


Please contact County Supervisors and urge them to vote no to Alternative 11 Northern Reliever (contact info on below).

For more information, visit the websitewww.norelieverroute.com


Some Concerns re: Alternative 11 Northern Reliever Route:

$20 million cost estimate; safety concerns regarding school bus and farm vehicle traffic; loss of valuable farmland and important role of agriculture in county; most trucks come and go from the south and will not use northern route; damage to village of St. Lawrence; negative impact on property values along the reliever route; damage to wetlands and drainage patterns; etc.

Washington County Supervisors (*Public Works Committee Members)

Kristine Deiss: 1523 Quietwood La, West Bend 53090 – 262-338-1454 – [email protected]wi.us

Roger Kist: 3305 Dubin Circle, West Bend 53090 – 414-550-2755 – [email protected]

Christopher Bossert: 607 S. 18th Ave, West Bend 53095 – 262-404-5158 – [email protected]

*Michael Miller: 543 Polaris St, West Bend 53090 – 262-338-6840 – [email protected]

Michael Bassill: 186 S.  River Rd, West Bend 53095 – 262-338-9562 – [email protected]

Denis Kelling: 2306 Wellington Dr, West Bend 53090 – 262-305-2678 – [email protected]

Jeffrey Geib: 3829 Thoma Park Dr, West Bend 53095 – 262-707-0711 – [email protected]

Brian Krebs: 6081 Hilldale Dr, Hartford 53027 – 262-305-5224 – [email protected]

Gerald Schulz: 5520 CTH D, West Bend 53090 – 262-629-5416/262-388-5015 – [email protected]

Michael Otten: 2861 Salisbury La, Kewaskum 53040 – 262-334-1673 – [email protected]

*Michael Parsons: 2196 CTH H, Kewaskum 53040 – 262-692-6267 – [email protected]

Joseph Gonnering: 878 Riverview Rd, West Bend 53095– 262-675-2681/262-689-5345 – [email protected]

Robert Hartwig: 3551 Country Aire Dr, Cedarburg 53012 – 262-375-3189 – [email protected]

Raymond Heidtke: 2250 Western Ave, Jackson 53037 – 262-677-3908 – [email protected]

Marilyn Merten: 2641 Mayfield Rd, Richfield 53076 – 262-677-2597 – [email protected]

Rick Gundrum: 301 Winter La, Slinger 53086 – 262-644-7002 – [email protected]

Timothy Michalak: 459 Abbott Ave, Hartford 53027 – 262-670-1119 – [email protected]

Thomas Niebler: 68 N Johnson St, Hartford 53027 – 262-388-0774 – [email protected]

*John Bulawa: 127 E. Sumner, Hartford 53027 – 414-531-6497 – [email protected]

Mark McCune: 2466 Lough Lane, Hartford 53027 – 262-844-2018 – [email protected]

Donald Kriefall: 4138 Stonehaven Way, Richfield 53076 – 414-803-3488 – [email protected]

Rock Brandner: 4076 Woodside Lane, Hubertus 53033 – 920-628-1665/920-860-1592 – [email protected]

*Daniel Goetz: 3284 Conestoga Trail, Richfield 53076 -262-628-0624/262-224-0570 – [email protected]

Peter Sorce: N115 W16742 Royal Court, Germantown 53022 – 262-253-0561 – [email protected]

*Jeffrey Schleif: N105 W16136 Brook Hollow Dr, Germantown 53022 – 262-253-0976 – [email protected]

Dawn Eyre: W142 N9764 Amber Dr, Germantown 53022 – 262-442-4200 – [email protected]


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