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Letter to the Editor | Judge Michael Screnock for the Supreme Court | By Dale Schmidt

Feb. 9, 2018 – Washington Co., WI – For the past few years in Wisconsin, it seems almost every new law passed by the Legislature and Governor is contested in court.  Also many lower court rulings that support the Legislative and Executive Branch decisions are appealed to higher courts.  It is clear that elections in the Judicial Branch of government are very important to an organized and sensible government in our state.

On February 20 there is a primary election for Supreme Court.  It is important for voters to educate themselves on the three candidates and take the time to vote.  The two candidates with the highest vote total will be on the ballot in the April non-partisan election.

I am endorsing Judge Michael Screnock for the Supreme Court.

Judge Screnock personally met with me and asked for my support.  He explained his judicial philosophy is to follow the rule of law.  He believes the Supreme Court’s role is to interpret and apply the law rather than rewrite it according to their personal preferences or political views.  As a law enforcement official, I agree with him, and I believe his rulings will always be based on the Constitution.

I have heard Judge Screnock speak several times since that first meeting, and met his wife Karen.  They are good people and typical Wisconsinite’s you could have a friendly conversation with on the street.  Please vote for Michael Screnock in the February 20th primary, and again in the April 3rd Spring Election.

Dale K Schmidt

Washington County Sheriff




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