Letter to the Editor: Robert Miller running for West Bend School Board

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I would like to introduce myself to the voters of the West Bend School District.

My name is Robert Miller, and I hope to earn your vote for the West Bend School Board.  I have been a long standing citizen and taxpayer of the West Bend area for approximately 35 years.  I am a proud graduate of our school system, and my children currently attend our schools as well.

I am driven to make our schools the best in Wisconsin.  We are starting to head in the right direction but progress can still be made to solve the multitude of issues we face.  I remember growing up and reading how we were the school system in the state that was the envy of everyone.  I want to make sure that the voters, teachers and students are represented to the best of our ability and that no one feels like their opinions don’t matter.  We have some very phenomenal teachers and administrators in our district and I would like to personally thank them for everything that they do for our children. Believe it or not, staff morale and fiscal conservancy can go hand-in-hand.

My number one goal is to make sure that we meet the needs of all students in order to provide them with the best educational experience. I believe that our students are our number one asset in this community and if we continue to give them all of the best programs and courses available, we will succeed in becoming the best district again.

As an experienced technician and with 20 plus years with Boy Scouts of America I ask for your support on the Primary Election on Feb 16th.

Thank you, and please vote Robert Miller!



Robert Miller

Candidate for the West Bend School Board



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