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Letter to the Editor: Tiffany Larson is the Conservative Choice for School Board

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The two men running for positions on the school board have banded together as self-described “conservatives” and have attempted to force the two female candidates into sharing the opposite political philosophy. This facile attempt to pit the “boys” vs. the “girls” is not only insulting, but also wrong as to Tiffany Larson. Tiffany supports local decision making, embracing the conservative maxim that the government closest to the people governs best. She is also the most fiscally-responsible person running for school board.



Tiffany’s opponents have used the non-partisan aspect of the school board race to attempt to confuse people into believing she is a “liberal.” I’ll admit to almost being swayed by the attempt of some “conservatives” to paint Tiffany in this light. I met with Tiffany and asked tough questions about her educational philosophy and policy positions; I emerged from our discussions a supporter.



Contrary to the label others would try to place on her, Tiffany Larson has demonstrated true conservative values by promoting governmental transparency and fiscal responsibility. She also supports making curriculum decisions locally, in consultation with parents and teachers, rather than through mandates from a centralized bureaucracy.



By contrast, some on the school board, including Randy Marquardt, support expensive and ineffective big-government programs like Common Core and the Engage New York curriculum, which require “teaching to the test,” rather than to the students. By adopting costly, centrally-developed standardized curricula, Randy has proven himself not to be the conservative we believed he was when we voted for him 6 years ago. As my husband Emory says, Randy has “lost that lovin’ feeling.”



If you want someone who supports local education decisions and responsible allocation of tax dollars, vote for Tiffany Larson for West Bend School Board. – Amy M. Salberg

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