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Letter to the Editor: Vote for Tim Ramthun for 59th AD | By Mike and Kerie Kunkel

July 16, 2018 – Washington County, WI – Simply put, political campaigns are job interviews. Depending on the seat, the interview duration can extend for months, even more than a year. In all cases of job postings and job interviews for both private or public sectors that I’ve seen or done, experience is always a requirement without exception, unless the role is entry-level. The deeper the experience, the more qualified the candidate is, the main focus voters should have in their assessment of every candidate.

In the case of the 59th Assembly contest, which is not an entry-level responsibility, youthful inexperience has no place. Depth of proven capabilities and results are necessary to be effective in the role, and should not be minimized or excused. Any candidate that hides behind endorsements is using someone else’s experience or title to make him look to be more than he actually is, which is to deflect and deceive potential voters from the truth. Voters should note this tactic and they should be very concerned about it.

In similar fashion, a candidate that only has experience in a single industry line, say education, also lacks depth of overall experience and capability, limiting factors to her being properly qualified or ready to serve in State government. Elections have consequences and the public needs to do the research on making sure the right choice is made here.

For me, as a successful businessperson with attention to detail on what it takes to deliver results, our best choice for the 59th Assembly is Timothy Ramthun. Tim has proven himself most capable with success in combined public and private sector opportunities for nearly four decades with results in manufacturing, financial services, education, product and service delivery, and gaming organizations, all with national and international footprints. In these environments, Tim needed to master business acumen, ambiguity and cultural issues in order to achieve success.

I have known & worked with Tim on important issues and his  character and judgment is sound and unmatched, as is his courage and conviction. His passion, leadership, and contagious work ethic achieves results wherever he goes and whatever he does. This is the type of person we need in this seat at this time.

There isn’t a better choice nor is there a more important time for the 59th district, and the entire Wisconsin Assembly, than now.

It’s time for Tim to be given the chance to serve in this role so that we get the best return for our vote, a person who will restore the definition of representation to the word, and exceed our expectations – guaranteed. And, unlike many politicians. Tim will respond to your calls and concerns.

To find out more for yourself, review his site at: or call him at: 262-305-0713. Please join me with your vote for our next 59th AD Representative, Timothy Ramthun.

Mike Kunkel

Kerie Kunkel


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