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Letter to the Editor | Vote Rachel Mixon for 59th Assembly District | By Tina Collett


August 2, 2018 – Washington Co., WI – Letter to the Editor,

When I saw the newspaper article that Rachel Mixon was running for the 59th District State Assembly position, I was very excited.  Having known Rachel for several years, I understand a person of her caliber is extraordinarily rare.


Asked to run for the 59th seat, Rachel is the candidate who is “of the people, by the people, and for the people”I am excited to see her run for office because I saw the effort Rachel put in when she was elected Alderperson to Hartford.  She immediately immersed herself into that position.  If she didn’t know something, she researched it, spoke to people who have knowledge in that area, and then walked in aware and prepared.  She is extremely hard working and is respected in the community.


She has recently received the Farm Bureau endorsement.   She also received the Wisconsin Family Action endorsement and the Pro Life endorsement.   Rachel clearly understands today’s issues and is prepared to address them.


What you will get with Rachel Mixon is a strong, independent, conservative, determined person with integrity.  Rachel will not shy away from hard work, she will embrace it.  She will not take your vote for granted.  Every constituent has her ear.


Her experience as a Teacher for 20 years is extremely valuable to the issues of school safety and education reform.   She knows, understands, and teaches the Constitution of the United States.  Her extensive knowledge of the Constitution makes her uniquely equipped to represent the 59th District.


Rachel Mixon is the perfect candidate for these times.  I wholeheartedly support Rachel for State Assembly, District 59.



Tina Collett




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