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Letter to the editor: WIAA

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Dear Editor,

As a former athlete and high school student of the Kewaskum School District, there is no better atmosphere for students than sporting events. In Kewaskum, our student section at all sporting events has grown. Rivalries have been rejuvenated and pride in our sports from students to parents is at an all time high.

Now the WIAA has banned certain phrases from being used and chanted. One of the banned chants that is the most unbelievable to me is you cannot chant USA, USA, USA.

On Sept. 11, 2001 our nation suffered its worse terror attack ever. In the days, weeks, and months to follow, millions of people whether it was a sporting event, speeches being given, or by the site of the attack Americans chanted USA, USA, USA.

If the chant USA offends you, are you truly an American?

In a country where you are supposed to have a freedom of speech, it now seems to be a country where you have a freedom of speech, but if it offends anyone or the government we will limit this freedom.

I believe WIAA representatives need to rethink their actions. I am a proud American and love my country.




Bradley A. Petersen

2016 Kewaskum School Board Candidate   


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