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VIDEO | REAL ESTATE | Marry the home and date the rate | By Wendy Wendorf – Homestead Realty

Washington Co., WI – Real estate agent Wendy Wendorf of Homestead Realty has a hot tip for home buyers and sellers. “Remember this saying, ‘Marry the home and date the rate.'”
Wendy Wendorf
Wendy Wendorf Homestead Realty in downtown West Bend serving all of
Washington County
“The No. 1 question I am getting is how is the real estate market? I want to tell you it’s great what I’m telling buyers is to buy now. When it comes to making a decision, you should marry the house and date the rate.”

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“What that means is find the house you love and date the rate means you can always
shop later for a lower rate.
“You can always refinance.  Smart homeowners are watching the banks and waiting for the interest to go down and refinance. Meanwhile you can live in the house you want.
“Whether you’re downsizing, driving the kids to school, getting closer to work or you just love the house down the block just do it.
Wendy, Blossom marry
“House prices are not going to go lower. This is it.  The market is strong it’s time to sell and it’s time to buy; it’s time to marry the house and date the rate.
If you have any questions, contact Wendy Wendorf at Homestead Realty click HERE for more information.
Wendy Wendorf
Wendy Wendorf

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