Photo gallery | Restoration underway on a much-loved holiday hallmark


June 1, 2019 – West Bend, WI – A transformation is underway for a much-loved seasonal display in West Bend.

Figures from the Amity Nativity

A local shopkeeper is using his hidden talents to repair and restore the figures in the Rolfs Nativity.  With the patience of a saint he’s stripped the figures to their natural color and mended the hands, head and crowns.

Restoring the Amity NativityFigures from the Amity Nativity

The holiday hallmark is weathered… and that’s putting it nicely. Heavy metal staples are visible around the neck of the life-size Joseph statue, segments of crusty foam are visible on the tattered robes of the Wise Men and the Shepherd Boy looks diseased.

Joseph from Amity Rolfs NativityShepherd boy from Rolf's Nativity

The project has silently been underway for months as a pledge has been made to bring the Rolfs Nativity back to its full glory.

Restoring the Amity Nativity

Tommy Schwai
St. Vincent De Paul


  1. Terry Vrana of Vrana lock & safe is the best! He hand painted the restored build boost buy Barton sign on main as well… A great neighbor to have in town.

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