Rainfall totals from past 24 hours

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Washington County and its neighbors to the west in Dodge County got a pretty good soaking on Wednesday. How much rain did you receive in the last 24 hours. Some folks in the Kewaskum area are reporting 6+ inches of rain.

Kevin Scheunemann I did flood inspection of Village of Kewaskum and we were fortunate. Thanks to Public Works we managed to avert a possible disaster on Meadow Lane project by removing construction screens on storm drains during heavy rain yesterday. Edgewood Rd and Kiwanis Park had some drain backups, but it was not too bad relative to flood events of 2006 and 2008.

The 7-8 inches of rain fell over 48 hours vs. an amount close to that in just a few hours which happened last heavy rain event for Village.

River Hill Park will see Milwaukee River over its banks for a few days.

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