Riveredge Nature Center in Newburg establishes charter Elementary School


Nov. 22, 2018 – Newburg, WI – In partnership with the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction and the Northern Ozaukee School District, Riveredge Nature Center is establishing a nature-based public charter elementary school. It will serve up to 99 students K-5th, after a 3-year phase-in period that starts with the 2019-2020 school year.


Riveredge Nature Center will accept students from any school district, subject to space availability and following the Open Enrollment process into the Northern Ozaukee School District

Riveredge Nature Center is located in Ozaukee County, less than 2 miles from the Village of Newburg. Currently elementary students from Newburg are bussed to Decorah School in West Bend, at a distance of less than 8 miles.

Northern Ozaukee School Districts also operates a virtual (on-line) charter school that serves public education students under Open Enrollment.

Some FAQs from riveredgenaturecenter.org/charterschool/

Will there be an enrollment fee?

  • The Riveredge Outdoor Learning Elementary School (ROLES) is a public charter school open to any student, regardless of district.  Students who do not reside in the Northern Ozaukee School District will need to open enroll into NOSD to enroll in ROLES.

What grades will be served and how many students?

  • ROLES will begin in the 2019-20 school year with grades K-4, expand to K-5 in 2020-21, and will reach maximum enrollment of 99 students in K-5 in 2021-22.  Each grade will serve 16-17 students.

Will bussing be available?

  • Yes.  We are working to provide transportation options from several drop off sites in Washington and Ozaukee Counties. If possible, a southern Sheboygan County site may become available based on enrollment.
  • Transportation fees may apply.

Parents exploring educational options for their children are encouraged to monitor the Riveredge Nature Center “ROLES” page for updates as they occur. http://www.riveredgenaturecenter.org/charterschool/

Photo and details courtesy Riveredge Nature Center in Newburg.

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