VIDEO | Tom Schwai sets new fish fry record at Fillmore Fire Hall


June 2, 2020 – Fredonia, WI – For the past two years Tom Schwai has thrown down a challenge to serve 600 fish fries at Fillmore Fire Hall for its fundraiser. In 2019 Tommy promised a Schwai’s hot stick for everyone if he served more than 600. This past Friday, Tom just put out a simple challenge and asked people to respond and help support the Fillmore Fire Department. What happened? Watch the video and see if Tommy and his crew reached their goal.

The newly proclaimed “King of the World” of fish fries will be at the Downtown West Bend Farmers’ Market on Saturday with his famous strawberry brats in tow.

Come visit the Schwai booth and give Tommy the business about being the Leonardo DiCaprio of the Friday fish fry.

Tommy Schwai

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