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VIDEO | Pharmacal in Jackson is local producer of Potable Aqua for camping and water purification

Jackson, Wi – There are growing concerns of drinkable water continuing to pop up everywhere. Potable Aqua’s Water Treatment Tablets, by Pharmacal in Jackson, WI, are effective against bacteria and Giardia Lamblia, for water purification.
With hiking and camping season upon us, don’t go without the trusted travel size container of Potable Aqua in case of a water emergency.”

Pharmacal in the Village of Jackson, Wi has a product designed for safe water consumption whether you’re camping or concerned about water purification.


Potable Aqua is an iodine water disinfection tablet; it’s easy to use and provides clean water within 35 minutes. The science, to make water bacteriologically suitable to drink, was developed by Harvard University in conjunction with the U.S. Army in the 1940s.

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The product has been used by the military for emergency drinking water disinfection for over 50 years.


Potable Aqua is also a simple-to-use water treatment options for campers, backpackers, international travelers and others who enjoy the outdoors.

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Click HERE for more information and history on Potable Aqua; locally made at Pharmacal in Jackson, WI.



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