Bobcat spotted at Yahr Park in Washington County

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Nov. 18, 2016 – This week posted a video from a reader who had spotted a bobcat while he was up north hunting in Oneida County.

That video prompted a comment about a person in West Bend who  also saw a bobcat this week at Leonard J. Yahr County Park, 7999 Orchard Valley Road, in the Town of Farmington.


“It was sitting upright in the bend of the trail over there,” said Lana Alexandra of West Bend.

Alexandra bicycles through the park around 6:30 a.m.  She said it was Tuesday, a little foggy but what she saw was definitely a bobcat.

“It was probably about three times the size of a big house cat,” she said. “It was sitting up and the ears were pretty big.”

Local DNR agent Tom Isaac said there very well could be bobcats in Washington County. “We had one up near Lomira the last year or the year before and one was spotted near Fond du Lac County,” said Isaac.

Sightings have been reported near the Jackson Marsh or the Colgate area. “Bobcats are in most counties,” Isaac said. “We even had a sighting November 5 and it was standing in the intersection of Highway 167 and Scenic Road in the Town of Richfield. It ran in front of a guy’s car and he got a real good look at it.”

The bobcat was described as weighing 30 pounds and with a short tail. “It also has short ear tufts,” he said. “They’re pretty much in their territory across Wisconsin.”

Chad Cook is the Washington County Parks Superintendent.  “I had seen a black farm cat hanging out in the field by the park but this is the first I’ve heard of a sighting but it doesn’t surprise me,” he said.


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