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Enhance your flexibility, boost your energy, and reduce your stress levels with Therapeutic Yoga | By Lori Bersch

Kewaskum, WI – Therapeutic Yoga for Beginners classes offered at Integrative Orthopedic Massage on Fond du Lac Ave. in Kewaskum. Not sure if Therapeutic Yoga is for you?
Register to try a class on Tuesday, July 31.
Therapeutic Yoga for Beginners is a carefully designed combination of gentle yoga, awareness exercises, basic yoga poses, and breath work. These elements are integrated into a class that is suitable for people who are beginning to practice yoga, recovering from an injury,
experiencing chronic tight muscles, or looking to gain flexibility and mobility.
Small groups allow for individual interaction between teacher and student with instruction focusing on how the poses and modifications will help their condition to feel better and improve their function rather than attention to the flows of a traditional yoga practice.
The yoga therapist’s focus is less about teaching yoga flows and more about helping clients to overcome their challenges and gain independence by choosing techniques based on how they will specially benefit the student.
“We encourage the Therapeutic Yoga for Beginners class for everyone as a starting point,” said owner Lori Bersch. “Our 6-week Beginners series is a progressive workshop. We’ve had so many requests to have a class for people to try before they sign up for the series, so we
opened some classes up during the day of our Open House to give people a chance to try it.”
The benefits of Yoga include improved flexibility, support of healthy connective tissue, helps with balance and stability, builds muscle strength, releases tension, increases focus, and encourages self-care.
Attend our Open House on Tueday, July 31 from 4 p.m. – 7 p.m.
Click HERE to register for a daytime yoga class.

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