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Kewaskum firefighters finish in 1st place in Boltonville water fights

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The kids enjoyed the overspray as teams of firefighters, including one from as far as Maquoketa, Iowa, competed in the annual Boltonville Rain Days water fights.
The goal of the game was to use the water from the fire hose to drive the fluorescent orange half barrel to the other teams post.
A large crowd gathered by the pond in Boltonville. You could swing a stick and hit an Enright, a Theusch or a Pree.
The winner received a trophy.
Tonight’s on the main stage it’s Saving Savannah.
On Sunday
Our water fights results are as follows;
1st place Kewaskum No. 1
2nd place Beechwood No. 1
3rd place Silver Creek
4th place Kewaskum No. 2
Traveling from farthest away Maquoketa, Iowa
Thanks for coming out to BOLTONVILLE today.


Hat tip Darryl Pree for providing the final results.

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