Overgrown weeds in downtown WB a hot topic

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There’s been quite a bit of scuttlebutt in downtown West Bend from business owners to motorists to pedestrians about the overgrown weeds on Main Street and Sixth Avenue.

One man who just purchased a building on Sixth Avenue sent a couple of photos of  “downtown areas that are not maintaining their landscape, therefore causing safety concerns.”

The issue of the overgrown vegetation and the creation of blind intersections was brought up during this week’s BID Board meeting.

Property owners in the BID questioned who is responsible for clean up? Is this a city issue or a downtown issue and how will it be remedied?


John Hafeman with Time Investment Company on Sixth Avenue and Hickory Street identified his building and some of the overgrowth on the corner. He said he’d gladly manage the maintenance of the weeds but said there needs to be clear understanding of what he can plant.

The city owns the area between the sidewalk and the curb.

In 2014 the city did not renew its contract with the landscaper that had maintained the plants downtown. There was an indication, at the time, that city staff would take over.

BID Board President Mike Husar said the 2017 budget may include an effort where the city and the BID work together.

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