Park sticker fees are ahead for Washington Co. Park and Trail System


June 14, 2017 – Washington Co., WI – This week the Washington County Board approved the Parks Fiscal Sustainability Plan.

The plan aims to operate County Parks and Trails independent of the Property Tax Levy and sets course to achieve this over the next three years in order to maintain and improve parks for current and future generations of park users.

A major component of the plan includes new user fees in 2018 – daily entrance fees or annual park entrance stickers for County Parks to include the following parks: • Glacier Hills Park; • Ackerman’s Grove Park; • Heritage Trails Park; • Sandy Knoll Park; • Leonard J. Yahr Park; and • Homestead Hollow Park

“We will be encouraging park and trail users and non-users to consider purchasing annual park stickers to support park maintenance and improvements,” said Central Services Director Jamie Ludovic.

“Parks and trails offer many economic and social benefits to our community that we intend to pay for through new and innovative revenue streams. We plan to structure this in a way that transparently demonstrates that money collected for parks and trails stays with parks and trails.”

Eisenbahn Trail users will be encouraged to support the parks and trails by purchasing annual stickers.

However, the fee is planned to be assessed per vehicle entering the parks and no charge will be enforced for walkers, ATVs, snowmobiles or bikers at this time.

“We’re still hopeful that these user groups will support our system by purchasing the stickers,” Ludovic added.

Fee prices will be authorized as part of the County’s 2018 budget but are being recommended as follows: Washington County Planning and Parks Department Public Agency Center – 333 East Washington St., Suite 2300, PO Box 2003, West Bend, WI 53



New and exciting changes are coming too. The Parks Division is actively pursuing partnerships and sponsorships for existing and future park projects and amenities. Below are just a few of the new amenities underway. Other possibilities like beer gardens, campgrounds, and improved lake access opportunities are under discussions and being explored.

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