Second candidate turns in signatures for Dist. 7 alderman in West Bend

December 26, 2019 – West Bend, WI – This April 2020 there will be a couple of contested races on the ballot in the City of West Bend. On Thursday morning, Dec. 26, Oscar Estrada of Barton filed paperwork to run for District 7 alderman. He will challenge incumbent Justice Madl.


Oscar Estrada

Oscar Estrada

Estrada, 44, has lived in the Barton area 11 years. His wife works at St. Frances Cabrini and they have two daughters; both active in the local sports scene especially softball.

Estrada is a consultant for Good Foods Company in Pleasant Prairie.  His prior work and accomplishments are listed at the end of the article.

Estrada hopes to use his position on the council to help grow West Bend. “What I do every week is something literally I can bring right to West Bend,” he said. “I can read the profit-and-loss statements and budgets with any type of organization and look at where the opportunities are without laying people off.”

In February 2006, Estrada and his communication-and-training skill set were featured in an article in FORTUNE Magazine.

Dorel also hired a lean-manufacturing expert named Oscar Estrada and turned him loose on the factory floor. Estrada chose eight workers and put them through a concentrated four-week course, from which they graduated with the title “Dorel champion.” To reduce the time lost when Dorel changes molds on its presses–something it does more than 200 times a month–Estrada assembled a kaizen, or continuous-improvement team, that included one of the champions. “Over three days they kept improving,” he recalls. “Two hours, 1.5 hours, 1.25 hours, 45 minutes.” By the time the team was ready to demonstrate the process to Cazenave, they had it down to 18 minutes. With the boss watching, they shaved off another four minutes.

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“When you drive around Barton there are so many businesses; how do I help them grow and bring more business in,” said Estrada. “My role is not only coming in and giving suggestions but to help people think differently on how to grow the business. It’s always time and dollars. My job is to roll up my sleeves and help people.”

“I’m not looking to check a box, I want to grow West Bend and be part of it,” Estrada said.

Estrada is fluent in three languages including Spanish. “I have no problem being a good communicator and talking but I will also be a good listener because I want to give back and grow with the community,” he said. “The running joke is every time I meet with my biking friends they ask “how much money did you save this week?” That’s because I literally save millions at companies.”

Estrada said he looks at the business community as if they were his kids. “There are a lot of well-hidden secrets in Barton. The more they grow and are successful the more it reflects on me as a leader and dad,” he said. “I’m coaching and mentoring and I want people to come and live here and I want people to feel safe.”

Aside from growing current business, bring in more business and improve safety Estrada said he’s ready to tackle the hot topic of road repairs.

“I’m looking for someone who can come in and fix the roads and sustain the roads in a short period of time,” he said. “Not the extended amount of time it took to fix Eighth Avenue. It’s not just how bad the roads are but how quickly can we fix them so we can work on other areas of the city.”

Active in his parish at St. Frances Cabrini and St. Mary’s, Estrada said he will be able to use his skills as a leader, mentor and coach to work to bring different ideas to the table and grow success. “My job is mostly coaching and mentoring and I want voters to have an option to do what they want,” he said. “My role for an alderman is instead of raising taxes, how do we manage the budget because I’m paying the taxes like everyone else.”

Faith, value and respect are words Estrada said other people have used to describe him. “I’m not a politician, I’m a straight shooter who will tell you what we can do to improve our lives in West Bend,” he said.

Oscar Estrada, MBB, President/CEO

Oscar comes to us from Lean Sigma Services as a consultant for a number of companies Such as DRiV, Johnson Outdoors, Flexan, Monogram Foods, Weber, Kapstone, Dutchland Plastic, and Dover. Prior to LS Services he was the Vice President of Senco Business System for Senco where he was responsible for the SBS certification within all departments from Ground Level to establishing Gold Level by implementing classes for Yellow, Green, Black, and Master Black Belts.  Other responsibilities included: promoting awareness, identification of projects, calculation/validation for project financials, preparing and reporting strategy deployment plans for the company.

Oscar worked at Smurfit-Stone (Container Division) where he was the Director of Continuous Improvement within the operations and procurement department.  He held similar positions with Praxair Surface Technologies (Global, 9 countries) and Dorel Juvenile Group. At Dorel, Oscar was featured in the 75th Anniversary FORTUNE Special Issue Magazine, in the article “The Way We Innovate Now” in their Industrial Management & Technology version.


Oscar has also held other various positions including operations, logistics, procurement, scheduling, warehouse, and management assignments with Federal Mogul, a tier one supplier of the Automotive Industry, giving him a well-rounded perspective of the industry. He has extensive Lean / Six Sigma experiences in a variety of fields and has been recognized several times for Operational Excellence.


Oscar has proven success in analyzing complex situations and developing solutions to operational problems.  He is a leader with excellent motivational and bilingual communication skills.  A keen strategist with demonstrated success in team building, cost controlling, and forever committed to the continuous pursuit of excellence. He specializes in identifying and enhancing value-added activities and is able to translate strategic vision into attainable objectives.


A native of Chicago, Oscar earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Operations from DeVry University. He is certified Master Black Belt in Lean /Six Sigma, Board Member for Shoreview Advisors and QTI (Quality Training Institute), APICS (American Production Inventory Control Society) and a member of the five-star program (Tier one Automotive), supported through the Automotive Industry.


Oscar moved to West Bend (245 Lower Woodford) back in August 2009, married to Maribel for 22 years with two girls (Kaitlyn & Allie) who both attended St. Frances Cabrini. Kaitlyn is a junior at DSHA in Milwaukee and Allie will be attending West Bend West in 2020. Both played little league softball here in West Bend and Allie has played for Nitro Fast pitch for the last 4 years and Wild volleyball last two years. Both Kaitlyn and Allie participated sports at YMCA here in West Bend. Maribel works as bookkeeper at Cabrini for the last 9 years. Now it’s time for me to contribute to West Bend as I run for Alderman in District 7 where it’s home for the Estrada’s for the last 11 years.



  • Implemented Lean / 6 Sigma Culture through the entire Business Flow, Marketing through Suppliers
  • Train & Mentor 33 Yellow Belts, 12 Green Belts in preparation of their Black Belt course
  • Improved fill-rates from 4/5 days lead-time to same day by implementing the Supermarket Concept
  • Developed the Strategy Deployment for the Top Level to align with one common goal
  • Facilitated 78 formal Kaizen events with hard savings of 3.4m
  • Developed and executed regional sourcing strategies including supplier selection, development and overall supplier management, applied Lean/Six Sigma tool, TPI (Transactional Process Improvement)
  • Facilitated 105 formal Kaizen events with a goal of $8.28m, exceed by identifying $16.5m
  • Introduced & coordinated Lean / Six Sigma Awareness with employee global (9 countries, 29 sites, 7 languages)
  • Increased plant efficiency 4.5 %, saved $1.2m, manage 940 employees, budget responsibility $21m
  • Improved on-time delivery from 64% to 93%, P & L responsibility for 110 employees
  • Saved $350k monthly by implementing 6Sigma, Kaizen, Kanban and Continuous Improvement methodologies
  • Reduced inventory levels from $14.8m to $8.3m, within eight months and freight costs from $180k to $2k per month and reduced employee turnover from 94.6% to less than 1%


Below is the latest list of candidates and signatures filed to run for office.  Click HERE to determine your district.

West Bend aldermanic candidate tracking

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