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Weekly updates from Washington Co. administrator Joshua Schoemann

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·  Cost Savings Incentive Program – At Monday’s meeting, the Executive Committee revisited the County’s recently approved cost savings incentive program.

·  STH 60 Truck Reliever Route – As you may recall, HADC sent a letter to the County outlining their request for action related to the Hartford Reliever Route project.  This week, both the Executive Committee and Highway Committee discussed this concept.  On Wednesday we distributed an e-mail with a copy of the County’s official response to HADC based on this discussion, that e-mail is attached for your convenience.

·  2016 Administrator Goals – Executive Committee met Monday and finalized organizational goals for 2016 and beyond.  The consensus amongst members for focus in 2016 included the following: (in no particular order) 1) Priority Based Budgeting  2) Rejuvenating the health insurance fund 3) Revitalizing the CIP/Budget 4) Create 5 year financial plan 5) Work on the Hartford Reliever Route 6) LEAD training for managers 7) intergovernmental cooperation.  Finally, after a thorough discussion the committee chose to remove a compensation study from the 2016 goals, postponing that effort until the County solves its $1.5 million budget deficit and it Health Insurance Fund Balance challenges.  In replace of the compensation study goal the committee added the 8) Repositioning of the Information Services Division, which will include establishing new IS Values, systems direction, budgeting /finance direction and standard operating procedures.

·  Fair Park Stage Update –  Last week Thursday was the bid opening for the project.  Although we received about 8 competitive bids, all of the bids were slightly higher than we had originally hoped.  As a result, over the past week we have been working with our project team to determine potential options to keep the project moving forward. It is my hope that within the next few days we can come to some conclusion, get a contract signed with the lowest responsible bidder and get moving toward the fast approaching June 15 substantial completion date.  I will keep you in the loop as we get more information.

·  CEO One-on-Ones – I continue to make efforts with this initiative.  Today I met with Mike Otto from Menasha Corporation in Hartford.  We had an excellent conversation about the prospect of the STH 60 Truck Reliever Route, as well as what we need to do as a County to position Hartford to be a place where their company can grow in years to come.  Special thanks to Mike Otto and Bill Berg of Menasha Corporation for their time and the tour.

·  WCA Legislative Exchange – On Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday I traveled through the rain/sleet/snow storm to Madison to attend this annual event.  It was an excellent opportunity to chat with our legislators, and simply get some face time without asking them to do anything for us at this time. In addition, there were many positive speakers including an interesting presentation by Charles Franklin of Marquette University. Also, we got a quick update from Governor Walker about his plans, including an upcoming listening session in Jackson. It’s always nice to hear directly from a sitting Governor.

·  CEO One-on-Ones – On Thursday Attorney Nass, Clerk Jaszewski, Assistant Ludovic and I met to begin to lay out the details of the new County Board Committee structure, including the procedures for the April County Board Executive Committee elections.  We made some good preliminary process, but have a great deal of work remaining.  We are planning to meet a time or two in the next couple of weeks and will provide more information soon.


Moving on….

  • Beverly Hirschmann, Facilities – Resigned
  • Ashley Krajna, Samaritan – Resigned


  • Heather Kangas – Sheriff’s Department
  • Taylor Russell – Sheriff’s Department
  • Carol Kreitzer – Human Services Department

Active Recruitments

  • Activity Aide, CNA,  Dietary Aide, LPN, Registered Nurse, RN – Samaritan
  • Medical Assistant, Senior Social Worker – Human Services Department 
  • Environmental Health Specialist, Public Health Nurse, WIC Nutritionist – Health Department
  • Project Manager/Deputy Surveyor – Highway Department
  • Administrative Intern – Administration Department
  • Custodian – Facilities Department
  • Senior Court Assistant – Clerk of Courts

CONGRATULATIONS to the following employees for their years of service at the County!!


Kimberly Schnabel – Health Department

Anne Dourn – Human Services Department

Joshua Schoemann

County Administrator

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