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VIDEO | Candidate forum | Cedarburg School Board | By Common Sense Citizens of Washington County

Cedarburg, WI – Common Sense Citizens of Washington County held a Candidate Forum at the Washington County Fair Park & Conference Center.

Common Sense Citizens forum

There are eight candidates vying for four seats on the Cedarburg School Board on the April 5, 2022 ballot. Cedarburg’s City Clerk has confirmed Jen Calzada has dropped out of the race, although her name is still listed on the ballot.

Candidates in ballot order:

Cedarburg sample ballot

Jennifer Calzada, Elizabeth Charland, Laura Steoebel, Rick Leach, Jamie Maier, Hani Malek, Ryan Hammetter, and Kate Erickson.

While everyone was invited to participate in the forum, four of the eight candidates took part.

The order at the table included: Elizabeth Charland, Jamie Maier, Ryan Hammetter, and Kate Erickson.

Cedarburg school board

  • The tone of the election for Cedarburg school board has been described as nasty with accusations of outside groups doing hit-job research. Do you condemn this activity and commit your campaign to running a more civil race that will not tarnish the Cedarburg school district or its election process?
  • What role should parents play in their child’s education and the school’s curriculum development?
  • Violence, bullying, and racism are an issue within some of the school districts in the county. What would your solution to these problems be?
  • Do you think a school district should have the power to make Covid vaccines mandatory for staff and students, and under what circumstances should masks be mandated?
  • What are your views on the use of CRT and SEL principles in middle school and high school education?
  • The National School Board Association has asked the FBI to get involves in school board meetings, claiming an uptick in violence against school board members. Many question whether this is intended to use intimidation to prevent concerned parents from exercising their 1st amendment right to petition the government for a redress of grievances.  Do you support or oppose FBI involvement in School Board meetings, are you willing to publicly admonish the National School Board Association for this action, and why or why not?

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Below is a recap of some of the sessions from the Candidate Forum at Washington County Fair Park.

VIDEO | Candidate forum – Cedarburg School Board

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