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Town of West Bend, WI – It was September 2020 when a Town of West Bend couple awaited the start of the Kentucky Derby…. and then a swarm of bees arrived.

“There was a swarm of bees that landed in the yard,” said Lori. “It was like locusts. It is insane, they were everywhere.”

Lori texted this message: Ok… so this happened today….. about noon a locust-like swarm invaded the southeast side of our yard. It was insane, not knowing what it was! Well, it turned out to be a bee swarm…they decided to make a temporary home in our tree by the pool.

A video provided by the homeowner shows a sunny afternoon at a home off 18th Avenue and while it is difficult to see … trust her, it’s bees. A lot of bees.

“They started going away but 10 minutes later I see them in the tree,” she said.

The bees have enveloped a tree branch. “They are hanging on each other.”

Early word is the queen bee is in the middle of the cake of bees.

Click HERE for a video to watch how the bees were harvested

Neighbors flocked to see the swarm of bees. “I told them $2 a picture,” said Lori. “What else can happen in 2020? These are the Rona bees.”

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