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VIDEO | Coyote stopping traffic in West Bend, WI

October 6, 2021 – West Bend, WI – On first glance from Valley Avenue just south of Highway 33 there appears to be a rather large coyote atop the hill above the retention pond.

He’s pretty still and quite a few people are stopping in traffic to snap a photo..

The sandhill cranes are squawking and the geese are keeping their distance… maybe that’s the point.

Upon further inspection the coyote is noticeably skinny… from a certain angle.  It appears the birds haven’t figured that out yet. coyote

Whoever has a patent on that design is making a mint. (Kojo = $49.99 and is currently out of stock.)

We’ll have to check with maintenance at the local clinic to see if it had the intended effect.

Hat tip to Ruth Marx.



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