Disney characters to visit Enchantment in the Park


Nov. 29, 2018  – West Bend, WI – Disney princesses are expected to be a big draw at Enchantment in the Park this Friday, Nov. 30.

As the most popular night at Enchantment in the Park, here are a few things to keep in mind:
* There will be a lot of people, so expect long lines (over an hour). The line will also start outside
so please dress warm!
* We will not be having the horse and carriage rides on Friday because of the crowd and Santa will be outside instead of in the Pavilion.
* Although we will try to make sure the line moves so everyone can meet the Disney characters, this is a first-come, first-serve event meaning it will end when the clock strikes 9 p.m.
* The cost to enter the park is $10 and/or a bag of non-perishable food items per family (both walk through and drive through guests).
Drive through crowds – Please take Washington Street to Silverbrook Drive. Silverbrook Drive will take you to the drive-through entrance. Drive the route, park and walk in (look for the red shed)
Walk through crowds – Please park in the parking lots off Main Street or any nearby City street. Enter on the walking path (look for the red shed).

Snow White, Elsa, Arial, and Prince Charming are expected to be on hand and posing for photos.

Little girls are encouraged to wear their princess outfits and join in with the fairy tale celebrities.

Enchantment in the Park



Gentle reminder: If you don’t like crowds or if you have very small children please consider coming a different night as the Disney night is extremely popular.

There are plenty of Enchantment nights left! The horse and carriage will be available Thursday, Nov. 29 and all of the weekends before Christmas.

Also remember Super Hero night is Dec. 23.


Click HERE for a look at the calendar of events at Enchantment in the Park.




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